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agence is a multidisciplinary creative office with over 20 years in the design community. Our projects have been seen in publications both regionally and nationally.
lighting design
the benefits of good lighting
“Without expert lighting design, even the most brilliantly crafted space may not succeed.” When proper attention is payed to design, the intricacy of architecture, beauty of interior decor, and functionality of the structure is enhanced. Proper lighting accentuates colors in a space while revealing and emphasizing detail that may otherwise be lost. Additionally, a professionally designed lighting plan will produce an atmosphere that contributes greatly to people’s sense of well being while providing a safer and more energy efficient living environment.
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our design
 Lighting design is visual artistry. We use light to improve visibility, set a mood, enhance architecture or interior design and improve overall visibility while dealing with the human response to an illuminated environment. Put simply, our design places the appropriate type of light at precise levels in the proper places to enhance your space. While our residential work can be seen in hundreds of homes in all the finest communities of Western North Carolina, our commercial designs run the gamut of diversity from medical and engineering offices to retail and restaurants. We’re, also, quite fortunate to work with the meticulously professional historians at Biltmore House on their many and varied projects.
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design specific
“If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”
― Massimo Vignelli
 Outside of the “standard fare” our firm has been commissioned for architectural design, industrial design, interior design, restaurants, furniture, and fixtures.
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51 north merrimon avenue
ste. 111
asheville, nc 28804

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